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AdapTableTop Standard / Black Edition

Sale price$122.00 USD Regular price$143.00 USD

A table top extension with adaptable levels for any game or table. More surface, customizable, stable, easy to use, and transport.
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AdapTableTop Standard / Black Edition
AdapTableTop Standard / Black Edition Sale price$122.00 USD Regular price$143.00 USD

Stable system in the board:

6 Panels

12x12 inch 305x305mm

12 Legs

Double Height

12 Rubber Stoppers


Useful for stacking modules or keeping game boards in place

12 DSA

They clamp the modules more tightly and are used as "channels" to install the LEDs under the AdaptTableTop

Key Features

AdapTableTop will take your game to the next level!

  • Quick and easy to mount

    The first feature we focused on is the ease of assembling and disassembling “ATT”, without using metal parts or screws to ensure the safety of younger children and giving the product the best flexibility of use without having to spend too much time in the setup.

  • Adaptable to any table size modular and customizable

    You no longer have to adapt to the space available to play. Now you can create a new surface and choose to mount each leg and each “ATT” module according to your needs. You can also decide to split it or to use only one of the six available modules to make it suitable for even the smallest tables.

  • Two height modular legs

    With “ATT” you can change the legs height during the assembly phase: you can choose between 8 and 12 cm (3,1 and 4,7 inch). You can use the different heights of “ATT” to create environments with different levels in a wargame or RPG scenario. This feature helps players not to get up to look at the board during the game session.

  • Solid, stable and monolithic

    Reliable, stable and monolithic: 3 features to prevent the gaming experiencefrom being ruined by an accidental gesture. The interlocking method wehave chosen consists in the use of legs equipped with four pins each; theyblock the planks and ensure the stability of the structure.

  • Dynamic stability

    Stability, in any situation: is the essential point. Thanks to the “DYNAMIC STABILITY ADAPTERS” to be inserted under the modules, any wrong movement is prevented, bringing more solid table to secure the game. With your “ATT” you get a higher standard of stability.

  • Compact and transportable

    It will be available with a rigid and compact case to facilitate its transport when you go to use it outside your home.

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