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We are expanding the board game

AdapTableTop "ATT", a lifted modular system for boardgames, wargames and RPGs.

Like you, who are reading these lines, we too are fanatics of board games and role-playing games, and we know how difficult it is, sometimes, adapting the space available and play comfortably. We did some research, and we found a solutions to improve the gaming experience with professional tables, in this way, we came across to develop AdapTableTop "ATT".

We want to offer a product that can help many other players to have limitations due to their playable space. AdapTableTop is a solution that gives: more surface, customizable options, stability, is easy to use, and easy to transport.

AdapTableTop Accessories

+10,000 Backers on Kickstarter over 3 editions

A table top extension with adaptable levels for any game or table. Includes 3D printable STL accessories.

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AdapTableTop is developed by Game Start Studio

We are two friends who have always had a hobby for board games and role-playing games and now want to fulfill their dream of designing them.

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