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Modular System
Multi-level Gameboard

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Designed by Gamers

Rectangular Configuration

( 1 box )

Rectangular Configuration

Irregular Configuration

Multi-level Configuration

( 2 boxes )

AdapTableTop WarGame

Irregular Configuration

Experience a comfortable and safe way to play

Modular System

AdapTableTop is supremely modular and is designed to fit the needs of any board game, role playing game or miniature game.

Multi-level gameboard

You can adjust the leg heights and also stack the ATT into multiple layers, leaving the space below free for other components, snacks, and drinks.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to assemble without using metal parts or screws to ensure the safety of your board and the players.

Flexible and Resistant

Engineered using an interlocking method where the legs ensure the stability of the structure. Support up to 40kgs (88 lbs)

Stable system in the board:

6 Panels

12x12 inch 

12 Legs

Double Height

12 Rubber Stoppers


Useful for stacking modules or keeping game boards in place

12 DSA

They clamp the modules more tightly

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